Pensions and Retirement Planning

Rising life expectancy and the prospect of spending longer in retirement means sound retirement planning as early as possible is essential to avoid pressure on pension savings and ensure your desired lifestyle is secure through into the future.

​Pension reform has introduced greater freedom and flexibility over how to take your benefits; whether as tax-free cash, buying an income for life, leaving your pension fund invested while drawing an income, or a combination of all these options. Given this changing pensions landscape and the increasing complexity that this brings, decisions about retirement therefore need to be informed and carefully planned.

​At SewellBrydenGunn, your Pensions Specialist & Adviser, in addition to being a Chartered Financial Planner, will hold a recognised advanced pension qualification providing  the necessary expertise to analyse and advise on your existing pensions and retirement arrangements. After assessing your current situation and future requirements for retirement, your specialist will advise on the options available to you: help you set up a pension plan if you do not already have one, whether to switch your pension arrangements to a different arrangement to better match your requirements, whether to take guaranteed benefits (for example by buying an annuity at point of retirement) or to set up a different arrangement whilst retaining control of the funds invested within your pension. 

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