KeyLifeTime Financial Planning

In today’s complex world of finance, pensions and investments, planning ahead to achieve what you really want to do in life can seem a challenging task. Our KeyLifeTime Financial Planning and design service provides you with a clear, effective and rigorous framework to fulfil your objectives.  

KeyLifeTime Financial Planning and Design Service


Through our service many clients have been able to see how they can achieve their life’s goals realistically and in an affordable way – by taking the right steps and making any necessary changes – often within a shorter timescale than they thought possible.

In this service we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive financial review covering the broad spectrum of financial planning needs:  Tax, Pensions, Investments, Estate Planning and Later Life.  

A Unique Approach

Our primary purpose is to establish what drives you, what your passions, dreams, goals are and then to agree with you how this will shape your immediate objectives. Naturally we also need to know as much detail as possible about your personal and or business financial circumstances and priorities including your attitude to risk. This enables us to design a highly effective and tailored plan bespoke to your needs.


Clients tell us that we have a decidedly different and unique approach. Our attention to the detail of what the client really wants both now and over their lifetime, rather than just selling them a product, sets us apart from other financial advisers and wealth managers. We consider the bigger picture and our approach to the work we do is by team and collaborative effort. Our aim is to build a strong relationship with you, not only from a Financial Planning point of view but also working behind the scenes to help you to achieve what you want.

Our Financial Planning Process

Initial Appraisal: Understand Our Client and Scope of Work

During the initial appraisal we will gain an understanding of your personal and financial situation, your hopes and aspirations, your priorities and lifestyle objectives, We will then be able to develop your Financial Plan with you. This is normally achieved during a face-to-face meeting at our offices in Ascot at a mutually convenient time. This stage of the process is carried out without charge or obligation. During the meeting we will discuss your needs and requirements and how we can help you. We will also provide full information about our charges and answer any questions you may have.  We will reach agreement regarding the scope of work to be undertaken and how it is to be paid for before we progress. We will ask you to confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Analysis and Research

Following the initial appraisal we will collate and analyse all your information provided by you.and carry out thorough research before providing you with our recommendations.


We will then issue you with these recommendations in writing, usually in the form of an Advice Report.

Confirm and Implement

Once you have had time to digest the Report we will check that you fully understand our recommendations and ask you to confirm agreement to proceed before we implement the agreed advice..


Finally, once our advice has been implemented, as part of your financial plan, we will discuss with you whether any periodic review is required and if so, discuss our service options.

To find out more how SBG can help you or your firm, please call us for an initial discussion 


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